Thursday, May 21, 2009


When we were kids, we used to randomly shout "Statue" at random people (of our size, obviously). The hapless person would then have to stay unmoving (unblinking, if possible) until someone would say "Move". I was rather amused when the same thing happened to one of our esteemed political leaders this time around...rather appropriately too, one might gather.
I had reckoned that it would be a close fight. While I don't follow politics very closely (and I rarely switch on the telly nowadays) I had kept an occasional eye on the papers which, coupled with the exit polls, led me to believe that there could be a hung parliament this time around. However, it seemed the exit poll pundits were destined to join the Astrologers and Weather Forecasters' club. India voted for stability. The blue turban will once again lead this country.
I was a bit worried about the statement i made in the previous paragraph, the "India voted for stability" part. It seems weird how local groups of people having different loyalties would be able to spontaneously synchronize themselves in such a manner. Maybe this point needs careful analysis.
Thanks to Nandigram and Singur, I expected the Left vote-share to decrease somewhat. I expected Mamata Banerjee to at least reach double figures after the debacle last time. What I did not expect (and what I guess most people did not) was the Left getting steamrolled in this fashion---both in Kerala and West Bengal. Does this mean we shall see change in the Writers' post-2011, or is it simply a setback for the Red Brigade; one which will be dealt with the next time around---with classic Left efficiency? That my friend, is a 24-karat question.