Friday, July 31, 2009

Extreme contrast at Matscience

A contrast of the reigning hair-styles at Matscience. I should have taken this picture a few days ago, right after Prem returned from Tirupati. But his shadowy pate still contrasts well with Rajeev's nine-month-long labour, pun unintended.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


kokhon kobe kothaye kishe
pother dhare matiye mishe

rongin paare jhilik kete
ramdhonura bejaye sheje
shobdo tule moshmoshiye
megho-dadu bojrobeshe
tapur-tupur mishti henshe
bishti-didi nupur bajiye
aashen shobe jhomjhomiye
ei sraboner deshe

Something I wrote while jobless and very sleepy some time back. Thought I would put it up here and be embarassed. The "poem", if you can call it that, is in Bangla. It tells how the rains and the clouds and the rainbows come to visit us during the rainy season. This stems from my own love for the rainy season, of which I hope to write about in these pages soon.