Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hail Zoya!

Just watched "Luck by Chance".

When the pre-release promos for this movie came out, I thought this is a movie I should watch. Reasons:
a) The plot sounded interesting...thoda hatke.
b) Farhan akhtar..."Rock On!" showed that this guy is a multi-talent. Singer, director and now actor. And he can act.
c) Of course, Konkona. I have been a fan of this lady's mother Aparna for as long as I can remember. But boy, she is better. Not a actress. And a fantastic one at that.

I got negative reviews from friends who had seen this movie. Slow hai, booring hai yaar. So I refrained from watching it. Until tonight.

Adhering to my motto (KISS, in case you didn't know), I can say that I liked the film. Nay, I loved it. Amazing movie. Amazing screenplay. Amazing camera-work. And amazing acting. Hope to write a more coherent review later, along with my other pending reviews of The Dark Knight and Harry Potter 6.

Here's hoping for the best and...a toast to the Akhtars! You guys rock! :)