Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Richard and the Connection Machine

Thanks a lot to the friendly neighborhood 42 for pointing out this article.

Will say more on this later. This is just a quick post before coffee.


  1. "That sounds like a bunch of baloney," he said. "Give me something real to do."

    So we sent him out to buy some office supplies.

    This is brilliant.

    I read this article on The Edge an year or two ago. The FN42 sent the link to me, I think. I remember getting all excited about the cellular automata bit and hunting down Wolfram's "A new kind of science" at a library. Half way through the first chapter, I fell asleep and dreamt about ants. When I woke up, I gave up on cellular automata and went looking for an anthill.

    So, um, yeah. I await the longer version of this post.

  2. Make good your statement that a longer version would come.