Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rabindra Rock?!?!

[Thanks to pgSSG for this link.]

I was never really a really big fan of rock music (apologies to SP, but yes, rock would probably-definitely not be my first choice music). But we (here "we" means me and rock music) have managed to get along, sort of. That alliance/peaceable coexistence is, I am afraid, now over. And this is to blame for that.


  1. ew! that's just gross! hideous! vulgar! i feel like strangling someone. don't defile the spirit of rock music by tagging this ungodly kitsch as 'rock'.don't know what genre it should belong to, probably 'kitsch rock'. btw, i do support experiments with tagore's compositions, but there are limits..

  2. anyway i think this is more poppish, not rock, but surely kitsch pop LOL ... also soumyajit seems more aghast by humiliation of rock music than that of tagore :D

    did you send it to the tagore expert in the family ;)?

    the way she pronounces the words like dhalo dhalo or jochhona or thotini like she's patting her furry ugly pet cat at the same time... omg :D