Saturday, July 28, 2012


Associations are a complicated thing. When someone is a very good friend, and you have spent the last five-six years with them, for them to suddenly go away takes away a part of you. It is even worse if it happens twice in quick succession, or, in my case, simultaneously. Either way, one adapts, as one must. That is one of the most enduring traits of humanity in general --- adaptability. Which is why  we survive, I reckon.

When I came to IMSc, I was going to be living outside home for the first time. They were exciting times; the thrill of finding new horizons and limits, and the satisfaction of being able to evolve as a human being outside one's zone of comfort. Except that, pretty soon, this too became my zone of comfort. And it happened because of the fantasticus folks I managed to entwine my life with. Two of them are now departing. The best memory I have with AV has to be in the first year, in the music room, during the November Chennai deluge, when he and JIS had that unforgettable impromptu extempore jam session : the first on violin and the second on guitar and violin, alternately. I don't really have a "best" memory with SP; there are too many brilliant ones to rank. But there is one gesture of his that will always stay with me : whenever I would get an absolute twacky idea, and would enthusiastically proclaim it and set about trying it, he would second it with an assuring and I-have-your-back-go-ahead thumbs-up! AV and SP, I'm going to miss you, amigos!

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