Friday, August 03, 2012

Montmarte, through the eyes of Athena

Athena recently said this of her walk through a section of Paris. I reproduce this without her permission. I do hope I don't get a pasting for this. :)

After walking through Montmarte, Paris, i am terribly missing the Kolkata book fair which used to happen at maidan..Each pavillion of a different style and theme,hundreds of artists sitting on the dusty grass and painting, little magazine stalls, street musicians, some nameless person with a ponytail and guitar singing unmindfully, the scent of new books mixing with the scent of candyfloss and popcorns, the bamboo floor of each stall slightly creaking beneath my feet, continuous announcements of people who got lost in the crowd, jampacked metros after 8 pm, old old yellow russian books in the vostok stall, and i remember at least twice i was given a book completely free, when i was a child: someone just put them in my hands..:)
Milanmela ground is not the place of the happiness that was the Kolkata book fair, the charm has been successfully destroyed by taking it there.

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