Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laptop update

I mentioned in my previous post that it is not possible to install WinXP on my laptop (Compaq CQ-60 104-TU). I am told that it is possible to install XP on this series. However, the job is somewhat non-trivial as these new models are a bit cavalier with their backward-compatibility duties. Anyway, Vista seems to be working fine(!!!) after installing the appropriate drivers. And it looks good as hell! As a small benchmark test about the performance of the lappy, I installed Warcraft III yesterday. In our* lingo, a computer is considered good (a ballpark estimate) if it can run WarIII at nearly full power with very low frame-drop (I know, I know, old game and all that. But we have been testing our old comps with WarIII, and it has been a pretty good far!). It ran on fullest (sic :) ) power, and then some, like hot knife through molten butter! :D Yay! Time to get a new benchmark! Hee hee!

1 comment:

  1. Hey ...

    Are u 100% sure about XP installation?
    I am almost convinced about goin for this particular lappy, but XP is givin me second thoughts!!
    Some say XP does work, but other functions like Wifi, Bluetooth, Cam, Card reader and stuff doesn work cos no drivers are available in HP website :(

    And there is a Digi cam offer also which ends on 8th feb... so reply fast , a detailed review on cq60-104 will be greatly appreciated :)