Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reformulation (original post, not a repost)

134am has, in the recent past, become more of a infodump, a place to post things that I have liked while trawling through the net. In short, it has lost its originality (whatever that means). I do not have much time to rake up "original" stuff, so this trend will continue in the near future. However, I will however try to post a "serials", a series of posts on some theme. My first theme is "Women in Science", and my second is "Week(end)ly Evo-lunacy". Lets see how well these go. I had been doing these on my facebook account, but it damn hard to keep track of, with me especially forgetting the serial number of the latest post, which is downright embarrassing. So, yes, new direction! :)

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