Sunday, March 24, 2013

Women In Science #1 : Emmy Noether

I started this series on facebook some time back. However, the interval between the posts became so large that I  started forgetting what the current serial number of the post was. So I have decided to do it here, and repost from here to facebook.

* * * 

The practice of science has (almost) always been the domain of the patriarchy, the purview of carriers of the xy chromosome. There have been instances in history, however, when women have overcome nearly insurmountable obstacles to achieve immortality in the annals of science. Immortality in the annals, yes, not in the minds of people though. This series is an attempt to remind us of these extraordinary individuals, and perhaps (hopefully) inspire.

* * *

Most famous for Noether's Theorem, describing a fundamental connection between symmetry and conservation laws.

A belated happy birthday to you, Professor Noether. Thanks to IFLS for reminding me.

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